February 1, 2014 - 7:42pm
"Silver Linings Arts Contest" sponsored by Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Louisville will be held on April 26, 2014 from 6 pm to 9 pm. The venue is St.
February 1, 2014 - 7:46pm
The events goal is to create understanding and insight about the mental health community through an open dialogue which will attempt to combat existing bias and preconceived notions.
January 30, 2014 - 11:15am
See the best dance studios in Louisville for your children!
1.     Louisville Ballet School
January 30, 2014 - 8:11am
2AM Entertainment's 1st party of 2014 and we're kicking it off with a BANG! Last party we threw was HUGE (600+) people. It was so big that we ran out of room, so WE'RE CHANGING VENUES.
January 28, 2014 - 10:15am
Take a Va Va -cation this weekend with Va Va Valentine: Sailing the Seven Seas o
The Va Va Vixens return this weekend with their fifth annual Va Va Valentine show. This one is set on a cruise ship for a va va vacation.
The Va Va Vixens have become Louisville’s most prominent group of sexy sweethearts in just five years, although it’s been a long journey of burlesque, sweat, and tears.