December 2, 2013 - 2:38pm
The Cast of Tea Time
J Derek Howard and Noble Knight Media are keeping Louisville weird with a Steampunk-themed short film, titled "Tea Time." Find out more here.
November 22, 2013 - 2:06pm
some great costumes were spotted at Tinseltown last night!
Last night I was fortunate enough to nab tickets to the 8:00pm showing of Catching Fire at Tinseltown.
November 22, 2013 - 11:59am
Midnights at the Baxter presents 'Hausu'
See the insanity for yourself. With your eyes.
The haunted house movie is a time-honored tradition, and it has taken many forms.
November 22, 2013 - 11:29am
Village 8 Louisville Exclusives present 'Herb & Dorothy 50x50' and 'Blue is the
A week of passion!
Next week is Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when we're supposed to express thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives.
November 21, 2013 - 3:05pm
May the odds be ever in your favor, etc.
Lots of Louisville area theaters are showing Hunger Games EARLY tonight! See it before everyone else and watch our girl Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen!