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Frye, associate professor of theatre arts, brings a deep background in the plays of Shakespeare. Author of “William Poel’s Hamlets: the Director as Critic” and Shakespearean scholar, Frye combines action and dialogue from several historic versions to include scenes that are rarely seen on modern stages. “It’s always a treat to work on one of the great plays and to engage with one of the greatest artistic minds of all times,” Frye said. “I vision Hamlet as a man of action rather than the depressive aesthete made popular in 19th century productions.” The production bases the arrangement of action on Frye’s research as to what the original performances may have been in Shakespeare’s time. “I am once again impressed on how modern the play seems,” Frye said. “The selfishness, greed and lack of foresight of the older generation in the play seems torn from today’s corporate scandals, making the waste and destruction of the youth and hope of this society all the more poignant.”
Thrust Theatre at 2314 S. Floyd Street.
University of Louisville 2314 S. Floyd Street
Louisville, SD 40292

Phone: 502-852-6814
Price: $12 for the general public and $8 for faculty, staff, students and senior citizens.