253,128 heads are better than 1.


According to the 1999 census, Louisville's population is at 253,128. That's a lot of people, specifically, that's a lot of eaters. So when I was thinking of what I wanted to write about for my next entry here at Louisville.com, I realized I want to write not only about what I eat, but about what you eat and why. 

I know Louisville only through my small, narrow, limited lens.  It's impacted by the company I keep, my age, what I read, and where I live. Occasionally, I will go an extra distance to seek out an eatery that I read about or hear about.  I am willing to boldly go where many of my friends and family have not boldly gone but I'm left with this big yawning question; WHERE?

This goes out to Louisville natives, young and old, South and West, East and even North across the river in Indiana. What culinary adventure am I missing? As a social worker and foodie, I especially love recommendations tied to a story. I'd love to stop in the greasy spoon that you and your dad always stopped at after soccer practice. I'll be happy to grab a pal and suck down the barbeque that you always pick up as your potluck contribution because it's always such a hit. Heck yeah, I'd love to try that pig brain taco that you challenged yourself to try and ended up addicted to.

Show me the way Louisville. Leave me a comment below or email me at colette.eats@gmail.com.