4 Possible Reactions to Jennifer Lawrence's Third Oscar Nomination


Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for another Academy Award, this time for American Hustle, where she plays the delightfully demented Rosalyn Rosenfield. There are a few possible reactions to this news:

1. Excitement!

Louisville is (justifiably) proud of J-Law. She's funny, down to earth, and a damn good actress. Her character in Silver Linings playbook was manic and fascinatingly broken. Her Katniss Everdeen is perfect. We love her here. 

2. MEH

She's already gotten all the awards. Doesn't this feel a little inevitable? Also, she's up against some great actresses: most notably, Lupita Nyong'o in 12 Years a Slave. Let's not get our hopes too high.

3. Crippling Anxiety

When will the media's love affair with Lawrence, and her madcap antics, end? Certainly, she is the golden girl now, and certainly Louisville will  be loyal, but the only thing the paparazzi like more than a hero is a villain. This keeps me up at night. 


Some consider Lawrence a fantastic ambassador for Louisville: funny, smart, beautiful, quirky. It's almost like Louisville got another Oscar nomination. Please, we're blushing. 

photo courtesy of shutterstock, gifs courtesy of giphy.com
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