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Actually, Actually


Seriously, can you think of anything to do on a Monday night?  You know, besides the normal routine.  And can you think of anything to do for free?  No?  How about heading downtown to check out the free play Actually, Actually, which takes place at Actors Theatre tonight and tomorrow night.
Actors Theatre will present Actually, Actually at the Victor Jory Theatre, located in Actors Theatre at 316 W Main Street in downtown Louisville.  Performances are to happen tonight at 8 p.m. and Sept. 25 at 10:30 p.m.  Both shows are open to the public and, yes, are free.
Actors Theatre's Acting Apprentice Company, consisting of acting students from around the country, have created an original production that deals with what people wish they said.  More specifically, the desire to not only go back in time to say what needed to be said, but the desire to say it anyway today, are at the center of Actually, Actually.
Rachel Karp directed the production, which features seven Acting Apprentice Company members: Samantha Beach, Tamara Del Rosso, Kim Fischer, Joseph Metcalfe, Derek Nelson, Angeliea Stark, and Sarah Grace Welbourn.
If you like what you see with this show, then come back for the second and third shows the Acting Apprentice Company will put on soon.
More information on the show can be found at the Actors Theatre website.  Enjoy your Monday night
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(Image from Actors Theatre)