Alex Clare gets too close at the Palace Theater [music]

Alex Clare was born in Southwark, London, England. He grew up listening to his father’s jazz records and was drawn to blues and soul artists, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder.
Clare took up the trumpet and drums as a youngster and eventually emphasized guitar playing and songwriting. A demo earned him a deal with the Island label in the U.K. and he was set up with producers Diplo and Switch, who contributed to the making of Clare’s first album, The Lateness of the Hour, released in July 2011. The album placed a spotlight on Clare’s soul-searching songwriting and deep, rich voice.
It's sad but probably safe to say that the only reason most of us have heard of him is due to a Windows 8 commercial. It's a true injustice for such a talented artist. Clare's rendition of Etta James "Damn Those Eyes" gives the blues legend a run for her money. After looking more in depth into his career, I learned that most of his success has come from across the pond where he resides. 
I had the honor to see the man in action last night and he's the real deal. Clare played with a real band without any pre-recorded tracks. He is very soulful and played well with the crowd. A true showman. Check out the photos below... 
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Alex Clare