Angry Birds comes out with Hogs and Kisses edition for Valentines Day [Technology]

It's true, Angry Birds Seasons gets a fresh new look with it's Valentines Day "Hogs and Kisses" edition. Addicted, aren't you? Go ahead, give it a whirl, you know you want to. 
One hint of advice, leave the Angry Birds Valentines Day edition in your pocket if you're taking your sweetie out on a date. However, if you're flying solo this V-day, let Angry Birds Seasons spoil you in "Hogs and Kisses".
The anticipation and intensity around Angry Birds was quite evident after I asked a few locals about their thoughts on the new Valentines Day edition:
Jay G. kept it short, simple and to the point as he uttered his war cry, "Die pig, die!" However, after speaking to Louisville addict, Paul, he was already close to conquering the latest edition of Angry Birds, breaking the hearts of pigs everywhere, doing so with his mantra, "No Pig stands in my way."
Can't get enough and want to join in on the action with your fellow friends? Join the Angry Birds Louisville community meet-up and socialize with your fellow Angry Birders.

Below is a short video of the new Angry Birds Seasons Valentines Edition in action. Be sure to search for Angry Birds Seasons on Android or iPhone.


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