Apple Caramel Froyo at Sweet Frog


Frozen yogurt is my favorite dessert. I adore these new froyo places that are popping up everywhere (36 Degrees in the Summit, Orange Leaf everywhere, Lulu's on Bardstown). I love being able to fill my cup with different kinds of froyo sweetness, sprinkled with granola and raspberries and blackberries and whatever other topping I choose. I visited a fun yogurt place this past weekend: Sweet Frog

It's a chain, but it's a smallish chain, with only one local location, in Clarksville, at 1401 Veteran's Parkway. My fiance and I went on a Friday night and the place was pretty packed, mostly parents with kids (the green and pink interior make it absolutely ideal for a child's birthday party!) but also some kids in prom dresses and some older couples. 
The array of flavors was impressive; we sample red velvet cake (a little too heavy for frozen yogurt in my opinion), cookies n' cream (classic!), dulce de leche (caramel goodness), green apple (so tart!) and birthday cake (VERY sweet!). My favorite blend was the dulce de leche with the green apple to make a caramel apple froyo. There were tons of topping available, everything from cereal to fruit to gummi worms and chocolate chips. 
Everything about Sweet Frog is cute, from the girly interior to the googly eyed frogs adorning the logo. But the sweetest thing is definitely the caramel apple froyo with nuts and whipped cream!
Photo: Elizabeth Orrick
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