Attend a Bacon Battle!


If you've never done a Dishcrawl, you simply must. Basically, a Dishcrawl is when you sign up and pay a set price (in this case $15), and you walk from restaurant to restaurant (or meet at one set place) to sample food from each places. And on Sunday, August 4 you can attend a BACON BATTLE.

Six restaurants are participating (though the only one stated on Dishcrawl's website is Milkwood, and I would probably pay $15 just to see what Milkwood tosses into the ring) and there will be a vote for a Bacon Battle Championship. It's not just about the food, of course, it's an opportunity to meet other meat eaters and talk about everyone's new favorite food: bacon.

There will be bourbon drink specials, but children are also welcome. The event begins at 2:00pm on Sunday, August 4 and there are plenty of tickets left! For a great creative date, a Sunday afternoon surprise for your best friend, or just a treat for yourself, try Dishcrawl. This is a great inexpensive introduction to a great and interesting community.

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