Auditions for indie film Sunday, October 2 [Movies]



My production company, Dogged Dream Creations is gearing up to produce its first feature length film.
Dogged Dream Creations is responsible for producing over 400 live events in Louisville in the last three years, and a few short films and videos in addition to printed materials like graphic novels, posters and postcards. The next project will be a feature length mockumentary (comedic documentary about fictional characters).
We are currently casting for actors to be used in some screen tests and sample scenes from the film to use in our fundraising campaign.  Actors at this audition will also be considered for the film. Auditions will be held Sunday, October 2 from 1 - 5 p.m. 
Potential actors should bring a resume with contact information on it along with a photo. The auditions will take place at Bearno's in the Highlands (near Mid-City Mall on Bardstown Rd.) in the upstairs room. 
Inquiries should be directed to ddcsubmit at 
This is a highly character driven film with many roles available for all shapes and sizes. There are 33 featured extra roles with at least one line and about five main roles, with another 12 supporting. 
Some of the main needs are:
Joe: an overweight grill cook - he is sloppy, greasy and thinks himself charming
Jason and Deeno: late teens to early thirties, geek fanboys, silly, one is slightly more serious than the other - wrestling fans, play with action figures
Filson: Nerdy, wimpy, late teens to early forties, glasses, hates conflict
Melissa: Pretty, but not glamourous - laid back, kind of tomboy, sarcastic, late teens to early thirties
Emma Jean: Motherly Black woman - preferably volumptous and curvy sized
Candy: Prissy, glamorous, wears mini skirts,  Norman - Gruff, mean, a manager, has worked at same place for about thirty years, maybe balding  - forties to late fifties
Gerald: very OCD about his job, has his own flair, takes everything too seriously - late twenties to early forties
Geneva:  Pierced, tattooed, alternative looking girl - early twenties to early thirties
Rainbow Scouts - two young girls ages 6 - 12 - speaking roles
Mr. Burns - Security Gaurd who takes his job way too seriously
There are a lot of extra roles for children. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
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