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Clarksville Little Theatre Announces: Auditions for their January Show
Auditions for Seussical the Musical Directed by Mike Seely Auditions will be at 7:00 on November 9 at CLT. Come with a prepared song. An accompanist will be provided. No appointment necessary. All ages are welcome to audition. Call backs November 10. Seussical production dates– Jan. 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 2009 Characters: The Cat in the Hat - the host and emcee Vocal range: tenor/baritone Horton the Elephant - a gentle giant, contemplative thinker, protector of the helpless Vocal range: tenor/baritone Gertrude - a wallflower bird who wants to win Horton's attention and affection. Vocal range: soprano Mayzie - this bird wants to have a good time while leading life to the fullest -rather self-centered. Vocal range: soprano/alto JoJo - young boy who seeks to be valued, understood and appreciated. Vocal range: soprano/alto The Sour Kangaroo and Roo - diva queen of the jungle, a tyrannical marsupial with attitude- has style and flair, but she is also hard-hearted and sour Vocal range: soprano/alto The Three Bird Girls - a flamboyant “girl group.” Gorgeous, tropically decked-out, hot jungle birds. Vocal range: mixed ranges The Wickersham Brothers -impulsive bad boys who like to monkey around. Vocal range: mixed ranges Mr. Mayor - JoJo's concerned father. Vocal range: tenor/baritone Mrs. Mayor - JoJo's concerned mother. Vocal range: soprano Yertle, the Turtle - has a sense of entitlement and has a need for order. Vocal range: baritone/base Vlad Vladikoff - does the Wickersham's dirty work. With his large imposing wing spread, he is scary and formidable. Vacal range: any General Genghis Khan Schmitz - an Old World soldier. Has an authoritative bearing and commands with a loud voice and intimidating presence. Vocal range: baritone The Grinch - green beastie who lives in Whoville. Vocal range: baritone/bass The Whos - innocent, slightly quirky people The Jungle Animals -"street-smart” creatures who live by the laws of the jungle. For more information email:
Clarksville Little Theatre
301 E Montgomery Ave
Clarksvill, IN 47129

Phone: 812-283-6522
Price: N/A