Awards announced for this year's LGBT Film Festival [Movies]

Awards announced for this year's LGBT Film Festival [Movies]

Movie posters nowadays are often covered with those leaf-garland symbols that look like what Roman emperors wear in period films; they denote film festival participation and accolades. I, unfortunately, have no information on why this is the symbol used, or whether it is trademarked, thus necessitating some sort of registration to dole out by festival organizers.

The point, however, is that the winners of the Juror Awards and Audience Awards for this year’s LGBT Film Festival have been announced:

Juror Award Best Documentary Short:  Entry Denied
Juror Award Best Narrative Short: Coffee & Pie
Juror Award Best Documentary Feature: Trans
Juror Award Best Narrative Feature: Tomboy

Audience Award Best Documentary Short: Spiral Transition
Audience Award Best Narrative Short: Welcome to New York
Audience Award Best Documentary Feature: Wish Me Away
Audience Award Best Narrative Feature: Nate and Margaret

A complete account of the LGBT Film Festival can be found here.

Image: LGBT Film Fest Facebook event page