The Bardstown Offers American Fare with a Unexpected Twist


I don't know about you but as a food enthusiast on a budget, I keep a hawk eye on Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Deals, Deal Chicken, and whatever else I can find to save a buck or two on a culinary adventure. 

The first Groupon I ever enjoyed was to Seviche years ago and of course have yet to see gold like that again. Regardless, as I get notifications for different new culinary adventures in Louisville, I try to nab them. 

I'd been curious about The Bardstown since it opened partially because of their concept and partially because I attended an alumni function there in the past and enjoyed the appetizers. I wasn't confident that my enjoyment of the nibbles were due to alcohol intake, lack of sustenance, or genuinely good craftsmanship by the restaurant. I decided it was time to learn the truth. 

I purchased a Groupon which I believe should still be available. We showed up on a Wednesday night and the room was lively with Sugar Bowl enthusiasts. I had understood The Bardstown to be a place opened due to a love of theater arts and while I didn't get to enjoy a stage performance on this visit, I hope to sometime in future. 

Regardless of missing the theater, their menu added interest to every day American fare with quirky titles. We managed to order Titus Nacho-nicus and Love’s Labour’s Loin-ee-Pops without breaking out into a grin. The nachos were fajita style and pretty consistent with most other nacho appetizers at maybe a local sports bar except for one small detail. These nachos did have a nice smokey over tone to each bite, perhaps due to the fajita theme. The Loin-ee Pops were described as bourbon flavored and while I didn't catch that in the flavor they were juicy and delicious and over a little too soon. 

We ended our meal with their Gooey Butter Cake which was not amongst the most gooey desserts in my memory but was a great encore to our meal. A nice sugary, caramel finale.  Bravo.

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Titus Nacho-nicus