Bardstown Road Banksy

While most know of Banksy, no one knows the exact identity of the elusive street artist, whose trademark stencilings have surfaced all across the globe—from London to Los Angeles; most with an underlying theme of challenging dominant capitalist paradigms. Because of the innate skill and cultural commentary that these pieces possess, most look to Banksy as an artist, not a vandal. 
While graffiti is removed almost daily from the Highlands neighborhoods thanks to the Graffiti Abatement Program, there are a few key spray paintings remaining. These particular street sketches fleck Bardstown Road, which, while decidedly unlike Banksy’s work in subversive and satirical motivation, possess similar realistic and carefully sketched lines and shading.
These pieces have been left for a reason, thus leaving Louisvillians to contemplate the difference between vandalism and art. 
Take a look below at the Bardstown Road pieces put side to side with some of Banksy’s work:
Heine Brothers, Longest Avenue
Heine Brothers, Longest Avenue
Heine Brothers, Douglas Loop
Banksy, St. Leonards, England
Banksy, London, England.
B Chic Consignment and Boutique, Bardstown Road
Banksy, Southampton, England
Heine Brothers, Longest Avenue
Banksy, Boston, Massachusetts 
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