Battle of the stars: Terry Meiners vs. Sam Cromity [Opinion: The Arena]

Officer Meiners

Sam’s a hard-working cop, that’s for sure.  And he’s surely earned his pension.  He would be well advised to investigate his retirement eligibility, before things start getting uglier.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  It would be virtually impossible for me to pretend any degree of impartiality concerning the two contenders in this legal battle:  I have known both gentlemen for many years.  My obvious biases are occasioned by repeated dealings with each of them.

terrymeiners2.jpgTerry Meiners and I have been friends for at least 30 years.  I have appeared on his radio show, and we shared a great friend in the late Henry Sadlo; something of an institution in the local legal community.  And, even though Terry shamelessly steals many of my jokes for use on the air (without attribution), I know him to be a man of veracity and integrity.  If Terry says he wasn’t speeding, I, for one, am willing to take him at his word.

Back in the day, I used to be on the staff of the Louisville Police Academy, and taught numerous in-service training courses for cops in Louisville and surrounding jurisdictions.  Sam Cromity was one of my students.  I claim no credit for his law enforcement abilities.

Police Flashers.gifIn the past four years, Sam has given me two speeding citations; one on the Watterson, and one on Newburg Road.  I was innocent on both occasions, and both cases were dismissed in court.

Sam is without a doubt the hardest working traffic cop on the LMPD, and I will not call him a liar.  He is, however—like all of us—occasionally mistaken.  Twice that I know of.

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