Beating The Heat At The YMCA (Prospect)


Beating the heat this week is something that, I'm sure, is on most people's minds. My favorite method has been going to the Oldham County YMCA. I love going for swims there and the fact that the decor is "modern log-cabin" makes me feel like a kid going to camp. Plus, swimming is a fun way of sneaking in some exercise without working yourself into a sweaty mess. If you have kids, the Northeast YMCA  with the Calypso Cove is definitely a good bet. Check them out on the web because the local YMCA's offer a variety of activities from summer camps, to swimming lessons, to a miriad of different types of exercise options. (I like to swim at the Oldham County YMCA because one of the indoor pools is slightly heated-just perfect for my pregnant sensibilities) Jump into summer!

photo by T. Alonzo