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If the thought of spending your Halloween glutting your gut with an unnecessary surplus of additive-filled, sugar-saturated, trick-or-treat candy scares you a bit for your health, have no fear! There are plenty of healthy Halloween alternatives offered in Louisville- especially since the couple blocks of walking you’ll do to obtain that Snicker’s Bar won’t negate the effects of its 28.8 grams of sugar.

 6.66 miles of Pure Screamin’ Hell

Looking to stay fit this Halloween? Come out and run from the ghosts and spirits on the trails surrounding Waverly Sanatorium for 6.66 miles of Pure Screamin’ Hell! Headlamps are required since it will be dark at this time. This was one of the city’s most popular races last year so sign up early because entries are limited to 75! The race is on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 8PM. There will be great cash prizes given away to the winners!

Pumpkin Picking at Huber’s Orchard and Winery

Pumpkin picking at Huber's- or walking around carrying a 10 lb. pumpkin for an hour- will burn approximately 220 calories. They are basically naturally grown kettlebells. Also, once you get home you can toast up your pumpkin seeds for a dose of magnesium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Ghost Tours

The perfect mix of paranormal and physical activity; there are a number of walking Louisville ghost tours. Check out Louisville Ghost Tours or Ghost Walking Tours of Louisville, Kentucky. The tours run between 60-90 minutes.

Do Your Best Michael Jackson Impersonation

Dancing burns between 200-500 calories per hour ( it all really depends on how into Thriller you get). This coming weekend there are a number of Halloween Parties. Phoenix Hill Halloween Costume Ball, Zombie Prom, Latin Night Halloween Costume Party, The Spirit Ball, Fourth Street Live! presents Halloween Apocalypse- take your pick!


Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

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