Bernheim CONNECT: a collision of art, music, science and technology [Technology]


A place where art, music, science and technology collide - it's the Bernheim CONNECT experience. 

According to their website: CONNECT is a collision of art, music, science and technology around Lake Nevin at night. It’s an indescribable experience. You have to be there.

On Saturday August 27, 2011 from 6:21 p.m. to 1021 p.m. Lake Nevin will be ABLAZE with creativity. The event intends to open a creative dialogue between artists, scientists, naturalists, lunatics, sustainability advocates and progressive thinkers, all gathered in nature. The effect will ripple beyond the effort.
The experience is designed to provide adults with new perspectives on art, science, beauty and the world around us:
Light projected onto mist

  • Films screened on shimmering trees

  • Floating fire sculpture

  • Experimental music orchestra conducted by nature
Kinetic sculptures powered by water from whiskey barrels

  • Grilled food including vegetarian options

  • Beer
You get the picture. Be there. Bring a friend. Bring three.

  • Suggested entrance donation: $5 per person
Find out more about Bernheim CONNECT, here.
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