The Big Blue Nation anxiously awaits the arrival of the recently defeated Cardinals in Rupp Arena [Sports]

UK basketball coach John Calipari

The first meeting between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville men’s basketball teams resulted in a win for the Wildcats back in 1913 with a score of 34-10, bragging rights for UK fans on this one. The series, which gained momentum in the 1980’s after a 24 year lapse in meetings, now stands at 28-14; again, bragging rights for UK fans. Rick’s move to Louisville fueled the fire and for Kentucky, it became even more important to win against Louisville. 

Kentucky overcame starting 4 freshmen and a sophomore to climb to No. 1, although the inexperience of the freshman shown through as Indiana beat UK not even a month ago, by 1 point.  UK dropped to No. 3, a smidge better than No. 4 Louisville, but still better.  Tomorrow’s game will give one team’s fans bragging rights at home, work, and at the gym until September when the Cards and Cats face off in football.

Kentucky’s defense must be in full effect against Louisville.  Calipari has talked about the lack of defense for this team since the onset of the season, yet the Cats have Davis under the basket to assist with rebounding.  The deciding factor for the game could very well come down to which Terrance Jones comes out to play tomorrow.  After dislocating his finger and a rather disappointing performance against Indiana, Jones will be watched closely. This game is not a conference match-up, a tournament game, but it is against Louisville and for fans, that means as much as winning in March. 

Coach Cal’s record in Rupp is spotless.  Playing a No. 4 team could blemish that record, just as the UNC game almost did.  Live updates, pictures, and commentary will be available during and after the game.  Tip-off is set for noon tomorrow and the game will be televised  on CBS.  Dickie V. picks the Cats to take Louisville by 16; as long as UK's score is at least 1 over that of U of L, WE WIN!