Bring a little India into your home with Patel Brothers International Grocery [Food & Dining]


Patel Brothers is a family owned grocery store chain operating out of New York. They have 45 stores across the country with one here in Louisville.  Walking into the store, you're greeted with the smell of spices and curry. There are bins of products such as samosas where you can help yourself to any amount along side walls of freezers filled with delicious goodies.  

This store is a Mecca of South Asian treasures! There are aisles dedicated to spices, incense and different types of flours. You can get fresh coconuts, Chai tea bags and curries that make it easy to bring Indian flavors into your home without breaking your bank.

I love to make my own Chai tea at home and I always head to Patel Brothers for my spices. I can get a bag of whole nutmeg (about 10-15 inside) for around $7. That's a great deal as opposed to a small bottle of three whole nutmegs from Kroger for about $15.  I also pick up dried cardamom, cinnamon sticks and cloves which can also double as mulling spices for apple cider in the Autumn.

Here are a few food terms to help you when shopping for South Asian cuisine.

Naan - leavened flat bread
Daal - lentil stew
Chutney - condiment made of spices, vegetables, and/or fruit
Masala - South Asian spices
Paneer - South Asian fresh cheese
Tandoori - means cooked in Tandoor, which is a clay oven
Chai (Masala Chai) - Indian tea brewed with spices

Patel Brothers Grocery Store is located at 1850 S Hurstbourne Pkwy Ste 134 close to the 1-64 Expressway

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