Bruster's Ice Cream hosts ice cream eating contest [Lyndon]


In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July "National Ice Cream Month", and the third Sunday in July "National Ice Cream Day." Little did he know the effects of that proclamation a generation later.

For the third year in a row, Bruster's Ice Cream shop at 700 Lyndon Lane will be hosting their Ice Cream Eating Contest in honor of the national holiday. It's a free-for-all-frozen-treat-extravaganza that takes place this Sunday, July 18.

When does the ice cream eating contest begin?

The call is out for anyone and everyone who wants to enter. There are three categories: 18 and older, 12-17, and 11 and under. The festivities start at 2pm, and last about an hour. 

Would-be contestants are encouraged to stop by the location to sign up, or call (502) 425-9436 to enter.

Memorable moment

I asked Terri Guethenspberger, the owner, about memorable moments. She laughed, and told me the first year a contestant who wore braces had entered, and won the contest. However, her mouth stuck to her braces because of the cold ice cream! Good news...the girl was okay, and now works for Terri at the Lyndon location.


-2pm: 18 and older

-2:20: 12-17

-2:20: 11 & under

If you want to stuff yourself with some of the most delicious ice cream in Louisville, and become an ice cream eating champion, sign up for this great summer event.

Again, Bruster's Ice Cream is located at 700 Lyndon Lane in Lyndon. Their phone number is (502) 425-9436

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