Built my own (delicious) burger at Game

Lamb burger at Game

After a few weeks of excitement, Game opened recently, and I visited on Monday. As it is the new business venture of the boys from Hammerheads, I expected it to be really special, and it was. The concept of being able to choose every element of my meal from lists of unique ingredients was fun and exciting, and the choices themselves were clearly given a great deal of thought.

I wanted to try something strange, like kangaroo or ostrich, but lamb just sounded too good. My burger was moist and delicious. Really fantastic, especially with a few of my date’s sweet potato fries, which were excellent. I highly recommend the combo I chose, which was as follows:
Pretzel Bread
Mixed Greens
Grilled Fennel
Roasted Garlic Aioli
It was really delicious and the restaurant was super busy with happy-looking customers. I’ll definitely be back, and you should come, too!
2295 Lexington Road