Cage the Elephant fan? Hurry to ear X-tacy right now. No, we mean it. Now. [Highlands]


The Elephant is on the loose! Nationally recognized Bowling Green rockers Cage the Elephant are coming to ear X-tacy, but if you want to get close to their hides you need to head over there now.

The group will perform Friday, April 1 at Headliners in support of their latest album, Thank You, Happy Birthday, which charted on iTunes in the #1 download spot—and #2 on the Billboard album chart—but will appear at 5:30 p.m. that day at ear X-tacy, 2226 Bardstown Road in the Highlands. The Headliners show is sold out, but 150 wristbands for the in-store’s meet-and-greet are available today for customers who buy the new CD or LP. (With a limit of two per customer, there is potential for them to be gone after 75 purchases.) Although a wristband will guarantee you a place in line for the meet-and-greet, a capacity crowd is expected for the performance and so you may not be able to see the actual show. Still, it's worth a shot, right?

To recap: Cage the Elephant’s coming. Get to ear X-tacy today. Buy their new record. Snag a wristband. Come back on the first for the in-store performance and say hi to the band afterward. Thank you. Happy birthday.

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Photo: ear X-tacy