Carmichael’s hosts acclaimed young-adult novelist, Silas House, at the Clifton Center [Books]

Carmichael’s hosts acclaimed young-adult novelist, Silas House, at the Clifton C

Young-adult fiction – like a good scientific theory – has elements that all come together to create what should, logically, be an ultimately sound reading experience for those sub-adult humans not quite ready to head straight for David Foster Wallace.  In theory, young-adult fiction should be a positive literary excursion as our youthful selves test the tepid waters of adulthood.  In theory.  It has been most unfortunate that many painful and woefully pathetic volumes have been sold in the name of “young-adult fiction”.  My friends please allow this “theory” room to come into proper practice. 

Highly acclaimed for his last novel, the best-seller, Eli the Good, as well as other award-winning titles, Clay’s Quilt, A Parchment of Leaves and The Coal Tattoo, the repertoire of young-adult author Silas House is proof of a good theory in practice.  Celebrating the release of his latest work co-authored with writer Neela Vaswani, House will appear at The Clifton’s Center’s Eifler Theatre for a reading and signing for Same Sun Here – proudly presented by Carmichael’s Bookstore. 

Currently an associate professor at Berea College and hailing from the eastern corner of our fair state, House draws on his experiences in Kentucky as he writes from the perspective of a coal-miner’s son befriending an Indian immigrant girl from New York City.  Their unexpected correspondence as pen-pals offers two unique viewpoints of life in America as the two young teens become best friends.  Same Sun Here is a relevant read for a culture constantly growing in its diversity.             

Starting at 7pm, join Carmichael’s at the Clifton Center and relish the experience of explorative young-adult fiction that steers clear of both the sparkly undead and sexist love triangles.  The joy of reading – no matter the age – should always be just that: a true joy.       

The Clifton Center is located at 2117 Payne Street

For more information, visit the Silas House event page or call Carmichael’s at (502)456-6950 (Bardstown Road location) or (502)896-6950 (Frankfort Avenue location)

Image: Courtesy of Carmichael’s Bookstore website

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