Celebrate the Derby with the Whisky Chicks

Celebrate the Derby with the Whisky Chicks

It's Derby time again, and the Whisky Chicks want to help you have the best Derby Party ever.  Their solution?  Throw a Pre-Derby Party to show you how a Derby Party is done. Brilliant.

April 24th from 5:30-8 p.m., The Whisky Chicks will host a Pre-Derby Party at the Brennan House, located at 631 South Fifth Street.  This historic home is the last remaining residential house in the area that used to be a residential neighborhood.  Bourbon + History = fun for everyone.

The party will feature Derby-themed food and drinks, and, of course, bourbon.  You must be 21 to attend, and tickets cost $15 per person (which is insanely low for any Derby or bourbon event!).

Tickets are being sold here.  See the Whisky Chicks Facebook and Twitter pages for more info.  While you're at it, follow them for more info on fun events throughout the year.  I think we've answered the questions as to whether women like bourbon, so get out there and meet some of these bourbon loving women.

Photos Courtesy of Eventbrite.com and Whisky Chicks Facebook Page

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