Celebrate St. Patty’s in September this Friday [St. Matthews]


I can't say that I am still one of those guys who measures time in relation to holidays that promote drinking heavily.
But that doesn't mean I didn't USED TO BE one of those dudes...

So in honor of that person we all used to be, mark this event down:

Liquor Barn in St. Matthews (4301 Shelbyville Road) will celebrate "Halfway to St. Patty's Day" this Friday night from 4-7 PM by breaking out the Jameson Irish Whiskey and letting us all get a taste. And if Irish whiskey is not your thing, there are promises of wine and food samples as well. But - to be fair - Liquor Barn has made it clear that they will let you try it straight or show you how to hide it inside a tasty cocktail. You really can learn something new every day around here...

Sounds like a swell way to start a weekend...

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile

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