Cinemark Tinseltown presents 'Home Alone'

Cinemark Tinseltown presents 'Home Alone'

Let's be honest – when you were a kid you practiced setting up booby traps all over your house in the event you were mistakenly left home over Christmas and found your home being invaded by two hilariously inept would-be burglars. A former romantic partner of mine got her head bashed in as a child because of her booby-trapping shenanigans. You see, she and her friend needed to protect their club house from the entrance of “bad guys,” so a rock was rigged to fall on any uninvited guests should they open the door. Important lesson here: if you set a trap, it's important to remember that it's there. She fractured her skull. It's ok, you can laugh – it's hilarious. It didn't cause any lasting damage (or did it??).

My point is, of course, that in honor of the holiday season, Cinemark Tinseltown is screening Home Alone twice today. This timeless classic stars, of course, Macaulay Culkin (who's, like, old now – he's 32 years old! When did this happen? He isn't doing much film work nowadays – I'm sure we would all be curious to see how he handles himself on the screen recently.) Kevin McCallister is eight years old and his family are a bunch of jerks – and so he is nothing less than thrilled when he finds he was accidentally left at home while they all go on vacation. You know what happens next – burglars and booby traps, and somewhere in there is a message about the importance of family and how we shouldn't judge creepy homeless-looking men by their appearances.

Home Alone will play at 2:00 and 7:00. Tinseltown is located at 4400 Towne Center Drive. Further theater information can be found at the Tinseltown website.

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