Cirque Berzerk under the big top at Forecastle Festival 2010 [Music]


I attended Forecastle Festival this past Saturday at Louisville's Waterfront Park. My husband and I originally went to see CAKE and then we had planned on leaving the park to go back home and feed our dogs and then return for Smashing Pumpkins. However, to our dismay, there was not reentry for people who had one-day passes. Therefore, our plan to get a cheap dinner and chug as much water as possible at home was dead. If we wanted to see Smashing Pumpkins we were forced to stay, spend all our money, and use port-a-johns.

Everything happens for a reason. If we had not been forced to stay we would not have seen Cirque Berzerk's performance which ended up being my favorite act at Forecastle Festival. Cirque Berzerk is an old-time, vaudeville, burlesque circus full of fire-breathers, stilt-walkers, and very flexible scantily-clad woman. The creators did an amazing job of creating an entire experience, not just a performance. The stage was set under and huge big-top tent and you had to walk through a flaming archway to get to the lawn for preferable viewing. It was very exciting and there was something romantic about sitting on the lawn with my husband and gasping together as each act marveled us.

Cirque Berzerk is Los Angeles based, but I hope they come back to Louisville someday. I truly wouldn't miss it.

 Photo courtesy of Cirque Berzerk

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