Course #2: Waterfront Bridge Run [Fitness & Health]


I can now officially say that I ran to a different state and back in just 40 minutes. Impressed? Well don't be. This well known course is an easy and beautiful alternative to the monotony of a park run and a favorite with the lovers of downtown Louisville. Starting at the base of the bridge connecting Louisville, Kentucky to Jeffersonville, Indiana, the course weaves a clear path along the waterfront of Indiana. The bridge itself stretches a mile long, making it an easy two mile run over and back if you desire. I would highly recommend running this course around 7 or 8 o'clock as the sunset provides an unmatched backdrop and pleasant distraction from the running itself. 

Although this is a gorgeous course, beware of the wind on the bridge as it can be a little much at times. Although there is a wide sidewalk, there is no direct barrier between the runner and traffic. So if you are not comfortable with cars flying past you, this run is not for you. Overall, this course was a great experience, seeming more like an adventure than exercise. Added bonus: catch a post-runner dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants lining the Louisville waterfront.


*** No map attached due to technical difficulties... will try again later