Course #3: Goose Creek Trail [Fitness and Health]


Tom Sawyer Park has always been my favorite place for trail runs. There is something about the plethora of trails and beautiful scenery that makes the experience feel more like an adventure than work. As soon as I step onto the beaten, clay path I know that a) I am very likely to get lost and b) that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Surrounded by winding roads on all sides, Tom Sawyer is the perfect place for a long run or a simple jog.

The trail that I'm sharing with you today is a simple two mile jogging trail that I promise you will enjoy. Beginning at the entrance to the park, simply follow the gravel path until you reach a sign on your right marked "Goose Creek Trail." From there you always choose to go straight rather than veer to the right or left, and will exit back onto the gravel path for a tidy circle that concludes at the start. Not only is this trail never overgrown, but the scenery will keep you occupied and make the miles fly by.

If you're ever feeling adventurous, I highly recommend allowing yourself to get lost on these trails. Although I've run these trails countless times, I always find myself discovering a new pathway or route that I had no idea about. With new streams, rivers and paths to discover, Tom Sawyer Park boasts the possibility of thousands of different runs.

** Map of the route:

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