Dead Dick Hammer & The T.B.A. with Stroker [Music]


Friday evening, October 15th at the Third Street Dive Dead Dick Hammer, The T.B.A., and Stroker play.  Doors open at 10 p.m., and the cost is $5.  Not only will there be liquor flowing and bands playing, but there will also be a trashiest, sluttiest slut costume contest to top it all off.  

A buddy of mine, and long time Louisville musician, Victor Hillerich, instrumental during the early and mid-nineties with metalcore band My Own Victim, and current member of Stroker ask me to come out, so I told him I'd be there.  I've never seen his current band play live, but have heard what they have going, and it's got me charged to catch them out this evening.  Below are links to a few of their songs, and I'd suggest checking them out.  And if you're out on the town, or just simply trying to get up out of the recliner then you should definitely make it out to the show at Third Street Dive, downtown at 440 South 3rd Street, right around the corner from 4th Street Live.  I guarantee you won't regret it. 

Photo courtesy of Victor Hillerich 

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