The Deloreans Accompany B-Side “As Long as It’s Here” With a New Video


Over their career, The Deloreans have found a way to incorporate many different styles into their music from folk to synths and power rock. But today we turn from their audio side to the visual.

The new B-side off their most recent single “As Long As It’s You” is called “As Long As It’s Here.” “As Long as It’s Here” is a haunting, spacey tune, and their video (released on March 12) provides a complimentary and mesmerizing visual space.

Lead singer Jeremy Perry’s deep, drawn out vocals are compelling, especially when his head appears on the mannequin that the woman in the video falls in love with. Just as the vocals are captivating, so is the kaleidoscopic background of patterns and flowers. The video is less plot-driven and more visual, making the song seem fuller and less minimalist.

“As Long As It’s Here” is a very tone-setting song, and The Deloreans’ video reflects that in a way that does not distract from the song, but makes the sounds and atmospheres more real.

Photo courtesy of The Deloreans Facebook page.

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