Denny Crum Mural Reveled [Sports]


Although the main attraction in Downtown Louisville, was the Louisville Cardinals pulling out a close win over conference foe Pittsburgh. There were other things going on at the KFC! Yum Center Sunday afternoon.

Formal Coach Denny Crum mural was placed on the west side of the Marriot Hotel in downtown Louisville, across from the KFC! Yum Center.

More than 300 people gathered outside the KFC YUM! Center plaza to celebrate the presentation of the Mural.

"I'm deeply honored," Crum remarked before the ceremony.

The picture shows Crum with his trademark rolled up program, wearing a sports coat along the sideline of the Louisville Cardinals bench.

This is one of the 20 murals, dedicated to various figures, that have been placed around the city by the Greater Louisville Pride Foundation.

It's great to see Crum being celebrated in downtown Louisville and it's quite fitting that the poster was larger-than-life, because Crum is certainly that.


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