Derby 139 Is Next Week Are You Ready

Derby 139 Is Next Week Are You Ready

This time next week, the entire city of Louisville will be preparing for the greatest two minutes in sports, Derby. With all the fabulous events leading up to the Derby; the Chow Wagon, Balloon Glow, Great Bed Races, the Steamboat Race, The Pegasus Parade, and the Mini Marathon, time just flies by and the next thing you know, it's the first Saturday in May.

Whether you celebrate in the Grand Stands, Millionaire's Row, or the infamous Infield, Derby time in Louisville is always an amazing time to be in Louisvillian. The entire city flocks to Churchill Downs, and sings My Old Kentucky Home, with a Mint Julep in their hands and pride in their eyes.

My only question is, Louisville are you ready?

Grab your hats, seersucker, bourbon and Go Baby Go!