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Attention Starfleet - Boldy going where no movie premiere has gone before!
The Derby City Movie Maniacs are kicking off the the summer blockbuster movie season with not one, but two major film premiere parties in the month of May. The Maniacs will take on Wolverine at 8 pm on Oaks Day, May 1st and then tackle Star Trek at 7 pm on Saturday, May 9, both at Showcase Cinemas Stonybrook, 2745 S Hurstbourne Pkwy Louisville, KY 40220. As with their previous premiere party for Watchmen, The Derby City Movie Maniacs will stage a two-hour pre-show party at Chatters Grill within Showcase Cinemas Stonybrook. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the theme costume contests and party games. Theme cocktails will also be available from the full-service bar. Games for the Wolverine party will include "Place the Name: Obscure X-Man or 80s Hair Metal Band?" and a Worst Canadian Accent contest. Games for the Star Trek party will include prizes for the Best William Shatner impression, also known as a Shat-Off, and Bobbing for Tribbles. Admission for both the Wolverine and Star Trek premiere parties is $16.00 per person in advance, or $20 per person at the door. These prices include a reserved seating ticket for the movie, entrance to the pre-show party, entry to all door prize raffles and contests, and a courtesy bag of memorabilia, coupons, and other assorted souvenirs and goodies. Organizer Chris-Rachael Oseland described the event as, "the only way for true Star Trek and Wolverine fans to see these movies. For about $5 more than a regular ticket, you get prizes, souvenirs and a costume party with people who love this stuff as much as you do. We get a little crazy, but in a good way." Said assistant organizer Jay Garmon, "In the age of home theaters, the reason I still go to the movies--and go on opening weekend--is for the experience of seeing a show with hundreds of people just as excited and interested in the film as I am. The Movie Maniacs take that experience to the next level by letting me socialize with other fans before and after the movie. It turns what could be just another movie night into a cultural event." For additional information on either the Wolverine or Star Trek premiere parties contact Chris-Rachael Oseland or visit
Showcase Cinemas Stonybrook
2745 S Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, Kentucky 40220

Phone: (859) 433-5587
Price: $16.00