Diabetes walk hosted by Churchill Downs commences Saturday [Sports]


Saturday marks this year’s Walk to Cure Diabetes, an event which hopes to raise money for research for the eventual cure of diabetes.

Today, diabetes stands as one of the leading health concerns in youth and adults, three million people in the United States alone are afflicted with the disease, with that in mind this walk encourages people to walk or donate to walkers.
You can get more information on getting involved at the event’s website here. The event is set to occur Saturday at Churchill Downs.

It’s backed by JDRF or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, the largest organization in terms of research funding for diabetes.

Outside of walking yourself or supporting a walker, kids are invited to participate in the kids walk to cure diabetes, where children are encouraged to participate. In addition bicyclists are encouraged to make their rounds with the “Ride to cure diabetes.”

The JDRF organization itself is worldwide and held an event just earlier this month in Lexington, and on their website you can easily find out where events all over the country are being held in conjunction with the organization.

With a commitment to researching and treating this all-too prevalent disease the JDRF has committed its scientists to developing a cure, if you’re interested the treatments that the organization are currently looking into hinge around the Artificial Pancreas Project, Glucose Control Therapy, Complications Prevention, and Diabetic Eye Disease issues.

In addition to the walk the JDRF is always looking for corporate partnerships as well as research investment. And, on their website merchandise is available that provides outside funds for the organization.

Image courtesy of JDRF