Does Louisville prefer Pepsi or Coke? [Food & Dining]

This is a different kind of red vs. blue debate than what you may be used to here in Cardinal Nation, but it may be equally as competitive. Coca-Cola has a more deeply rooted history and a slightly higher level of brand recognition than Pepsi, but is Coke still the most popular choice among soda drinkers here in the Lou?


As many of you know, Yum! Brands is based here in Louisville and because of their history with Pepsico, has an exclusive lifelong contract with Pepsi. So, that settles it – Louisville is Pepsi-preferred right? Maybe, take a look at some of these results I uncovered:


From Jun 15, 2011



Yes, you read that correctly – Mayor Greg Fischer sent me a twitter response to my question reading “@mjwindle actually, i prefer water. no sodas for me.”

This is pretty amusing to me considering that Mayor Fischer made his living as the co-inventor of the SerVend automated ice/beverage dispensing machine used in a lot of restaurants and convenient stores.

Nonetheless, it appears that at least the commercial side of Louisville prefers the sweet carbonated beverage in blue. That’s where you come in! Take the poll – Pepsi or Coca-Cola so that we can determine what Louisvilians drink. If you do not like either or have no preference, choose Neither. Cheers!

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