Dropkick Murphys are coming to Headliners Music Hall [Music]


Louisville.com: Do you plan on playing any of these new songs at the Louisville show?

Kelly: Three or four songs will be sprinkled through the set. We keep a set list from every show we play so that we play something new every time we revisit a place. The set list changes every night.  

Louisville.com: How do the new songs differ from your old material?

Kelly: We are refining it. A couple songs have British band glam style. The record is fun rock and roll with strong gain choruses. We want to show our musical versatility. Strong anthem chords, aggression… We found another way to take what we do and refine it. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. We are doing what we do best. This will be our big studio album. We are taking from the past and keeping it fresh. No one wants to make the same record twice. It’s all about refining our music.

Louisville.com: I look forward to hearing some of those new tunes on Sunday. Is there anything you’d like to tell readers about the show?

Kelly: Anybody who saw us last time be prepared for something new. We save the set lists from each show, so when we revisit a place we don’t play the same set. There’s nothing more boring than seeing a band play the same old stuff. 1000% pure energy, if it’s your first time you will enjoy the dedication of our supporters. You’ll love the show, but nothing will prepare you for the great dedication of our fans.

$1 from every ticket sold will be donated to the the Claddagh Fund, a charity run by Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys in Boston. The mission of the Claddagh Fund is “to raise money for the most underfunded non-profit organizations that support vulnerable populations in our communities.”

When: Sunday, September 16 @ 8pm
Where: Headliners Music Hall
1386 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40206
Ages: 18 and over
Price: $27 advanced / $30 day of

Photos: courtesy of the Dropkick Murphys' website

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