Earl Cox on Sports


I’m not always proud of my profession, but then along comes C. Ray Hall, who is the best writer in Kentucky sportswriting, with a story on Rodger Bird that should be read by every coach and athlete – high school and college – in the state.

Rodger is one of the Corbin Birds, a family that sent four of its sons to the University of Kentucky. Jerry, a basketball player for Adolph Rupp, was the first. Then came three Wildcat football players, Calvin, Rodger and the late Billy.

As Rodger told The Courier-Journal’s Hall, none of the Birds was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He told Hall about their little house and how hard working his parents were. Rodger told the truth. I was a guest in the Bird home when Calvin was running wild for the Corbin High Redhounds and I met his parents. Ruben and Bonnie Bird didn’t raise any bums.

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