Earl Cox on Sports


The mere mention of Steve Spurrier’s name should make University of Kentucky football fans go gr-r-r-r-r-r.

Here he was, sitting down in Florida with nothing to do but play golf every day, available – very available. He did everything but put a sign outside his house: “Coach available.”

He said he wanted to coach college ball again. In the South. In the Southeastern Conference. When Florida didn’t jump, he became really available.

UK is qualified

UK is in the South. It’s in the Southeastern Conference. UK’s football program is pathetic. Pitiful. It has the most loyal fans in the world. All they ask is a 6-5 record every three or four years so they can go to a bowl game.

So here was the coach with the greatest offensive mind in the game asking for a job. He could have jump-started UK football the same way Paul “Bear” Bryant did when he was hired in 1946.

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