Elizabethan-style murder for Whodunnit

Murder at the Queen's Table

The Queen is host to an Elizabethan-style feast, and murder, in the Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater original production Murder at the Queen's Table, which starts tomorrow. 

Murder at the Queen's Table will take place on Saturday evenings from Nov. 16-Dec. 21 and again on Jan. 4 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, located at 9700 Bluegrass Parkway in J-Town.

Tickets for each show are $45.50 and includes dinner, tax, gratuity, and an interactive show. The dinner choices, which must be chosen at ticket purchase, include roasted turkey, beef tips, or eggplant and portobello parmesean. For an extra $10, audience members can sit with the Queen at her table! Reservations are required as these show do sell out and seating is limited, especially for the Queen's table seats. All reservations can be made by calling Whodunnit at 502-426-7100. 

Join the Queen as she invites audience members to a wonderful holiday Elizabethan-style feast. Everyone is merry, the food is wonderful, and...a murder is about to happen.

Audience members will then become detectives, who must listen, observe, and attempt to gather clues in an effort to figure out the murderer. Scenes will take place that are full of clues, giving the audience insight into who may have committed the crime.

For further insight, the round table feasters-turned-suspects will walk the room, allowing audience members ask questions to them. The suspects, in turn, can answer truthfully or evade the question. They only time they can lie is when an audience member asks if they are the murderer. That answer will be no. 

A.S. Waterman created the show, which Niles Welch directed.

More information on the show can be found at the Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater website.

(Image from Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater)