Faces of the Forecastle Festival [Music]


I saw half a dozen Utilikilt's at this year's festival, but these two fine gentlemen seemed like a Before and After photo warning about what happens if you attend too many concerts.

Fairy wings, furry boots, and fake dreads were popular among the jailbait set. I overheard a pair of security guards seriously arguing whether a girl was 17 or 18 since they were both past the "within four years of her age" grace period they'd read about online. Considering the number of handsome young shirtless hunks playing frisbee, I suspect their age debate was moot.

 I couldn't get enough of the awesome home made costumes by people who were having fun in the heat just because they could.

And, of course, there were the hipsters.

Photos credit Chris-Rachael Oseland.

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