Fans came out to shake their "asher" with Asher Roth [music]


Despite Friday's horrific weather, the show went on at Expo Five as 700 plus concert goers poured in to see Asher Roth make his first Louisville appearance. He and his band, made up of a drummer and deejay, hit the stage around 11 pm. Holding a red Solo cup in one hand and the mic in the other, Asher Roth performed his party hits "I Love College," "Common Knowledge," " Roth Boys," "Blunt Cruising,"Lark on my go Kart" and "In the Kitchen." He interacted with the crowd, paying homage to his supporters that were crammed in like sardines against the barrier at the front of the stage. Asher's liveliness commanded their attention and his band helped provide much more than your average rap show, keeping the energy level high throughout the night.

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Asher Roth