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FAT Friday Forging: If you enjoy the heat and magic of the flame, at 7:30 PM master blacksmith Craig Kaviar will be giving a live forging demonstration taking viewers back thousands of years through the ancient art of hand forged metal. Though the technology has become more refined over the ages, the principals and techniques have stayed virtually the same. Blacksmithing as an art form has steadily made its way to the forefront over the efficiencies of modern technology. With temperatures rising to 2800 degrees Fahrenheit in the forge powered on waste vegetable oil watch how steel is softened then fashioned into award winning works of art. Currently on exhibition at Kaviar Gallery and Heine Brothers' Coffee is "Wired & Fired" a group pottery show featuring coffee mugs made exclusively by Kentucky potters celebrating the ancient art of ceramic ware and the most popular first beverage of the day. Coffee just tastes better in a hand made mug and we have over 400 unique mugs between Kaviar Gallery and all seven Heine Brothers' Coffee locations to help prove our point. Wheel thrown or slip cast, baked in wood-fired and electric kilns, stoneware and porcelain with a variety of designs and glazes. there is a mug for every taste! Kaviar Forge & Gallery has extended hours this November FAT Friday from 9 AM until 9 PM with 20% off of hand forged wrought iron wine racks and selected merchandise! Kaviar Forge & Gallery is proud to present comedian/actress Candace Lawrence performing on the trolley for the November FAT Friday Trolley Hop. Candace works with the comedy troupe The Indicators who perform regularly at Comedy Caravan, Bearno's in the Highlands and By the Bridge, as well as many other venues in and out of Louisville. Hitch a ride with Candace and she'll not only entertain with her comedy but inform trolley hoppers of what's happening at Kaviar Forge & Gallery with the scheduled forging demonstration and highlights of the current gallery exhibition "Wired & Fired". Kaviar Forge & Gallery would enjoy your company for piping hot Heine Brothers' coffee available all day, one of a kind coffee mugs, coffee inspired visual art from local artists, delicious baked goods and refreshments, live forging and comedy on the trolley. Admission to the gallery and live forging demonstration is free.
Kaviar Forge
Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY

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Price: FREE