F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop, taking place this Friday, to feature beer from Bluegrass Brewing Company [Crescent Hill]


I live right off Frankfort Avenue and enjoy attending the monthly F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hops, when free trolleys haul my lazy ass up and down the street to various restaurants, shops and art galleries. This Friday, June 25, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., should be especially fun because the event is called "BBC Freedom Hop," a pre-July Fourth celebration that has Bluegrass Brewing Company serving up its American Pale Ale at area restaurants. BBC beer samplings? An added bonus. 

And when my wife drags me into Elizabeth's Timeless Attire (2050 Frankfort Ave.) to check out vintage 1940s clothing, I'm thinking all the beer drinking will make it tolerable.