Five Louisville restaurant desserts to try this summer [Food and Dining]


Dessert seems to be an afterthought in many restaurants. All the other items on the menu might be planned and coordinated to the nines, but dessert is often an unoriginal, unispiring assortment that doesn't really fit with the rest of the menu.

I can't say that I fault chefs and restaurateurs for this. They're working with limited space and resources, and I'd guess that investment in the dessert menu isn't going to bring huge returns. And at the end of the day, restaurants have to stay profitable. However, as a dessert person, I really appreciate an well-planned dessert selection even if it's just a few items.

With that said, I looked through the menus of all the Louisville Original restaurants, plus a few more to come up with my list of  the city's most appealing summer desserts. I could talk forever about what makes a great dessert, why I love restaurants that employ pastry chefs, and why more people should eat dessert, but I won't. Here's the list:

Lilly's- A Kentucky Bistro
Panna Cotta and Fresh Blueberries
Lemon-mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Lemon Bar
Napa River Grill
Peaches and Cream
Mayan Cafe
Coconut Mango Cheesecake
Proof on Main
Gelati and Sorbet Tasting (Flavors change daily) 

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