The Floyd Theater presents 'Carnage' [Movies]

The Floyd Theater presents 'Carnage' [Movies]

Who doesn’t love a good celebrity scandal? Me, for one. I will never understand our society’s absolute hunger for stories of the depraved among the “elite.” It is an understatement to say that the story of Tiger Woods’ indiscretions went on far longer than was warranted, after which there were talks of a reality show starring one of the women involved! It is utterly ridiculous.

It is an unfortunately similar case with director Roman Polanski. Mention his name to anyone familiar with him and the first thing that comes to mind was his sexual misconduct case from 1977. 1977! We are thirty-five years beyond this and instead of thinking of classic films such as “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Pianist,” the first thing to come to mind is scandal.

But never mind that, because Polanski is back with a new film: “Carnage,” which plays tonight at the University of Louisville Floyd Theater. This film is about two adult couples who meet to work things out after their sons get in a fight. The evening starts out civil and friendly, but soon devolves into petty squabbling, proving that adults are often just as childish as their offspring.

“Carnage” is based on the play “Le Dieu du Carnage” by Yasmina Reza, who also adapted the play for the screen. It stars Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, and the fantastic Christoph Waltz.

“Carnage” plays at the Floyd Theater at 5:00 and 8:00 this evening. Admission is $1.50 for U of L students and $3.00 for the general public. The Floyd Theater is located on the third floor of the Student Activities Center on the University of Louisville campus.

(This will be the only film at the Floyd Theater this week; next week is Spring Break, so there will be no film screenings this weekend.)

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