Forecastle 2013: Matt & Kim


Since 2004 Matt & Kim has delighted crowds with their uniquely awesome punk, rock, pop, low fidelity and unforgettable music. The cute couple, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, has several successful albums. Containing hit songs like “Let’s Go,” “Block After Block,” “Daylight,” and “Cameras.” According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “Matt and Kim’s reputation as a live act precedes them – and justifiably so. Simply put, they are a two-person dynamo, frantic, tightly wound, and full of good cheer. Their performances are as physical as they are musical..For sheer adrenaline-per-second, no other band comes close.” Matt & Kim have performed in Japan, Belgium, Australia and now Louisville, Kentucky. You’ll regret missing them at Forecastle! They will be playing Saturday, July 13 at 9:00pm on the Red Bull Music Academy Ocean Stage.