Forecastle Festival 2012 preview: Cabin [Music]

Forecastle Festival 2012 preview: Cabin [Music]

Louisville is well-known for its fantastic music scene. We are, of course, the home of the lauded My Morning Jacket, as well as countless other great bands. However, the very best band from our fair city, in this writer’s opinion, is the amazing Cabin, and I am pleased to announce that they will be playing at this year’s Forecastle Festival, taking the Port Stage at 6:30 on Sunday, July 15.

Cabin has so far graced us with two spectacular albums, both of which were awarded Album of the Year by 91.9 WFPK. Cabin produces ethereal emotion-inducing music whose lyrics cover topics as diverse as a nostalgic ode to autumn to a skewering of political pundits.

And they put on a mind-blowing live show.

Image: Cabin website

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